Skin Microbiome & Your Immune System

Skin Microbiome & Your Immune System

Many people are now familiar with the idea that the collection of microbes – the microbiome – in your digestive tract is very important for health. But did you know that the microbiome on your skin is just as important? In fact, your skin microbiome plays a crucial role in immunity and is even part of your first line of defense! Before we can understand just how the range of beneficial micro-organisms that live on your skin help stop invaders like viruses and harmful bacteria, we need to cover a few important terms, including Adaptive Immunity, and Microbiome.

The Basics Of Adaptive Immunity

Adaptive immunity refers to the way your body adapts to stop invading disease-causing organisms, or pathogens such as viruses. When a virus gets into your body, special white blood cells called B-cells will detect the invaders and release antibodies into the bloodstream. Antibodies are small packages of protein that will bond with the virus and prevent that virus from being able to reproduce. Once the white blood cells have successfully created an antibody that will bond with the virus your body will always “remember” how to produce the correct antibodies to stop that particular virus. In short, your immune system has defended itself through an adaptive immune response to the pathogen.

The Microbiome

The microbiome refers to the ecosystem of beneficial microbes such as bacteria that call different places in and on your body home. There are many kinds of beneficial bacteria that have essential roles in helping your body with a variety of tasks -everything from digesting certain foods to boosting your immune system. While much of the microbiome lives in your intestinal system, the microbiome on your skin is vital for healthy skin and strong skin immunity.

How Your Skin Microbiome Helps the Immune System

There are actually two different ways the microbiome helps your immune system – the first is by controlling inflammation. Sometimes your immune system can greatly over-react and become inflamed – as in the case of allergic reactions. A healthy skin microbiome can help reduce the inflammatory response. However, the focus of this article is on the second way the skin microbiome helps your immune system – supporting the specialized white blood cells called B-cells that fight off viruses and infections. Once again we are going to talk about Adaptive Immunity – when your B-cells figure out how to produce the correct antibodies to stop invaders. While the body on its own can activate the immune system, it is faster and more effective with the help of several species of micro-organism that call the skin home. Scientific studies show that a healthy and thriving microbiome on your skin is required to stimulate dermal T-cells (immune cells in your skin) and other skin immune cells and proteins for optimal response to invading organisms. Without the skin microbiome to stimulate efficient immune reactions, the skin becomes susceptible to inflammation and even infection. Your skin is often the first line of defense against any pathogen. It is essential that your immune system activates as quickly as possible to identify invaders and make antibodies to stop them.

What Happens Without A Healthy Skin Microbiome

Individuals with unbalanced microbiomes have a less robust immune response – studies have shown that dermal T-cells are slower to react, making the skin more vulnerable to infection. With A Healthy Skin Microbiome When scientists added back beneficial bacteria such as the common skin bacterium Staphylococcus epidermidis that typically thrives in a healthy microbiome, cells which support the immune system responded efficiently, allowing B-cells to produce protective antibodies. While there is additional work to be completed, the results are clear – your immune system is far more effective with a healthy microbiome. Restoring The Natural Balance Of Your Skin With BioEsse Probiotics With modern living comes all the convenience we have come to rely on – easy plentiful food, strong cleansers to disinfect surfaces, cheap plastics with limitless uses. However all these things can also lead to an unbalanced unhealthy microbiome that may be the gateway to a host of problems, from red irritated skin, to a less effective immune response. BioEsse® is not a simple Probiotic – it is also a ProBiomic®. All BioEsse® products promote a balanced, healthy skin microbiome with our patented ingredient derived from the healthy human microbiome and proven to support healthy skin immunity. In these troubling times it helps to have every advantage to support your immune system and stay healthy. If you have questions about how your microbiome can support your immune system please visit