“BioEsse is a wonderful skin care line that has made my complexion more even and healthy-looking”

I have been using the cleanser and lotion for a relatively short period of time and am very pleased with the condition of my complexion. The products are not greasy and leave my skin feeling very soft and plumped-up looking. I have received many compliments on the appearance of my skin and would recommend these products with no hesitation.


“BioEsse Probiotics work!”

I particularly like the BioEsse Probiotics facial lotion and the facial serum. Results are evident as two friends(a man and a woman) recently asked me what product I have been using on my face and where could they purchase the products?


“My skin feels great!”

I was happy to find a facial lotion that I could apply make-up on without a problem. I’ve seen the results of some other people that are using it and if I get half of the positive effects I will be thrilled! I also bought the cleanser and love it. It only takes a very small amount to wash my face, neck and chest area and my skin feels great!


“Loving my BioEsse products!”

Love the BioEsse products. I had ordered the facial cleanser first, Loved it. Added the lotion & Loved that. Then realized that I was probably not giving myself the full treatment if I was using other products simultaneously… on eyes.. at nighttime… I now have the complete set and my skin feels loved all the time. I didn’t have specific concerns to address, just want to use gentle products that would also be beneficial to good skin health. Noticeable difference in my pores,fine lines, and in general a smoother complexion. I feel less need to cover up with make up. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next…! If you are considering a product- treat yourself to the full set, to discover the true benefits of this probiotic skin treatment.

Cases Studies / Testimonials

Case Study: Probiotic Spray

October 4, 2019

Dear Dr. Berkes and Dr. Monsul,
This letter is to provide feedback to you on the Dry Skin Trial Q1601-02. I was referred to this trial study by Dr. Lamensdorf, due to dry eye specifically and my growing concern that my skin (both face and body) seems to be getting dryer and dryer in the last year or so. My eyes had recently regressed, and I had to increase my use of eye drops to nearly every day and often multiple times a day, which I had not had to do in at least 6 months. As far as my skin goes, I often got dry patches surrounding acne and other facial areas with thinner skin, such as the eyebrows, edges of the nose, and the chin among other areas.

The moisture in my skin has improved considerably after completing this trial. My face was often very
itchy from this dryness — I didn’t realize how much I had been touching my face to scratch dry spots until I began this study and noticed how little I was touching my face by the end of the trial. It also feels smoother. My skin is very sensitive to products and I was concerned about acne breakouts; was
relieved that at no point during the study did the spray appear to increase acne breakouts.

I am only 37 years old and my dry eyes are the lasting result of an eye infection that occurred in 2016,
which also eliminated my ability to ever wear contacts again. In the fall of 2018, I was using eyes drops
at a prescribed rate of 6x/day in order to restore the moisture functioning in my eyes. By January 2019,
was down to once or twice a day and by February to a few times a week. In May 2019, my eyes were
exhibiting an increase of dry eyes symptoms, occurring more frequently and for longer durations. By the time I joined the study in August 2019, I was back to using drops everyday and often multiple times a day. One of the most significant symptoms was the aching in my eyes which is felt every morning upon waking and throughout the day. Other symptoms included the eyes feeling gritty, itchy, and having an over production of mucous. This continuous battle with dry eyes over the last 2 years has caused me significant concern over my overall eye health, both now and in the future.

Throughout this study, I noticed improvements to my eye health. I was impressed at how it impacted
my dry eye and seemed to provide some restoration of moisture and comfort. Though symptoms of my
dry eye remain, they have decreased significantly since the start of this trial. By the 10th day of the trial, I noted that my eyes had a decrease in dryness and itchiness and there was a slight reduction in the use of eye drops. By the end of the 4th week of the trial, I noted that my eyes felt less gritty and had less mucous and the use of my eye drops decreased to once a day, 4-5 days out of the week. By the
conclusion of the trial, I noted that my eyes were less achy upon waking and remained less achy
throughout the day during normal activities and during computer-related work (which had previously
seemed to be aggravating the symptoms of my dry eyes). The use of eye drops reduced to 1-3 times per
week. It was a welcome relief to be able to wake up from sleep and not feel an immediate ache in my
eyelids and in my eyes and it has been a relief to not have to rely so heavily on drops to gain short-term
relief. The probiotic spray appears to have provided greater relief through the reduction of my dry eye
symptoms (dry, gritty, achy, mucous), and for longer periods of time than eye drops.

On a side note, I hope you all are working on something for dry lips!
hope you find this information of use. If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to
contact me. Thank you for your work on this product and for helping to restore my eye health to a more
improved state through this trial!

Respectfully Yours,
C Holmes

Testimonial: BioEsse Products

7 October, 2019

I have had many procedures done by Dr. Monsul from scar repair to mini face lifts. The
most recent was a Botox application which I have received from Dr. Monsul many times
always to great, positive effect. As usual this procedure was no different than the ones
before. No pain just gentle freatment from Dr. Monsul who is always friendly and caring.

I also use his BioEsse products every day. They are a critical part of my facial routine. I
get lots of compliments, even from strangers about how good my skin and I look. It is

As an example of Dr. Monsul’s competence and skills, here are a few of the other medical
issues he has resolved for me and my family. These included removal of severe scarring
from the underside of my husband’s upper eyelids due to years of previous allergic
reactions. Along with his associate in allergy medicine, he correctly diagnosed the problem
(which had previously gone unattended by other physicians), explained options thoroughly,
and performed the extremely delicate surgery with great success and relief to my husband’s
health-threatening symptoms. He also has successfully removed a potential melanoma and
a mole from the lower eyelids of myself and of my grandson.

I have had and known many physicians over the years and Dr. Monsul is definitely one of
the top physicians I have ever had the pleasure and good fortune to know! I recommend
him most highly and without reservation.

Both Dr. Monsul and his staff are kind, helpful and friendly. I enjoy my visits there, which
I cannot say about all doctor’s offices.

M Laessig

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