Your body is host to trillions of microbes, mostly bacteria. Don’t worry 99% of your microbes are beneficial!

10x – Microbes outnumber the cells of normal human bodies by 10 to 1. That’s right! Your body contains 1- times more bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms than human cells.

5lbs – The human microbiome may account for up to five pounds of body weight in a healthy adult.

These “friendly” microbes help keep us healthy, performing countless functions – food digestion, vitamin synthesis, immune system stimulation and infection prevention. They help ward off harmful microbes.

Your largest body organ and first defender, your skin, hosts billions of our invisible “best friends.”

Science is just beginning to understand the importance of a healthy microbiome…

We are on the verge of an entirely new understanding of human health.

Today antibiotics in our medicines and food, plus “hygienic” lifestyles, environmental pollutants, our process Western diets and antiseptic hand soaps all have tipped the scales out of balance.

By Taking away the bacteria, you’re losing much if the good, too.

How can you promote a healthy skin microbiome and not do away with those useful bacteria?

The BioEsse® Propbiotic Skin Care system contains a scientifically developed, unique probiotic active ingredient which cannot be found in any other skin care product. This probiotic extract is derived from a beneficial bacteria normally found in a healthy human skin microbiome.

The patent-pending active ingredient in BioEsse®nurtures the friendly microbes on our skin, and promotes immune function and skin barrier… all important to reducing skin texture and smoothness, lessening facial redness resulting in a younger appearance and firmer facial skin.

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