“Washing your hads with plain old, soap and water is not only the most effective way to stay clean, it is also less destructive to your microbiome than harsh anti-bacterial cleansers and gels. For the best of both worlds, try the microbiome-friendly BioEsse Skin Protecting Body wash.”

The mildly acidic pH of your skin is called the “acid mantle” and helps protect skin against harmful bacteria and viruses, while supporting a healthy skin microbiome. Many skin care products – soaps, detergents and moisturizers – damage this pH and can leave skin dry and vulnerable. However, BioEsse® is specifically formulated to gently support your natural skin pH with a pH-correct, soothing “Second Barrier.”

I have been using the cleanser and lotion for a relatively short period of time and am very pleased with the condition of my complexion. The products are not greasy and leave my skin feeling very soft and plumped-up looking. I have received many compliments on the appearance of my skin and would recommend these products with no hesitation.

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