BioEsse®. The world’s first skin microbiome facial care system.

The BioEsse® Skin Care System is a breakthrough from Quorum Innovations and contains our patented extract derived from the most natural of all probiotic sources, the human microbiome itself.

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Healthy Skin Is Beautiful Skin

The BioEsse® Skin Care System has been uniquely developed by researchers, scientists and medical doctors to support your skin’s microbiome. BioEsse® products contain a scientifically proven, probiotic essence extract not found in any other skin care product.

BioEsse® promotes the “friendly bacteria” you need for a healthy skin ecosystem. Clinical studies show decreased appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and redness, while improving skin radiance and glow in as little as two to four weeks from the beginning of a BioEsse® regime.


Multiple Benefits

Learn About the Top Five Benefits of BioEsse® Probiomic Skin Care

Promoting Balanced, healthy skin

Your skin contains billions of valuable microbial allies that leave you vulnerable when washed away. The patented active ingredient in BioEsse® helps to balance your skin microbiome by supporting its healthy skin cells and your beneficial “good” bacteria.

Smooths: Supporting a strong skin barrier

Aging decreases a skin protein called filaggrin. Filaggrin supports a strong skin barrier by binding keratin fibers together at the uppermost layers of skin. Research shows that a weakened skin barrier can become leaky and porous, resulting in dehydration, entry of allergens, toxins and potentially harmful microbes as well as an imbalanced skin microbiome. By supporting filaggrin levels with unique FilaggRenew®Technology, BioEsse® promotes a resilient, hydrated skin barrier to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging, while supporting a healthy skin microbiome.

Brightens: Replenishing essential skin lipids

BioEsse® 5-Omega Technology, a proprietary blend of plant-sourced omega-3, omega-5 and omega-6 fatty acids, replaces lipids lost with age to improve your skin’s luminosity and brightness.

Strengthens: Supplementing skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor

A proprietary natural blend developed by BioEsse® scientists called “NMFx” gives your skin a powerful “extra” edge through its skin hydrating, antioxidant and anti-UV properties. Skin normally produces Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) to help protect and moisturize. However, soaps, water, chemical irritants, cosmetics and the aging process decrease skin NMF levels. BioEsse® contains a proprietary natural blend called “NMFx” to support lost NMF, giving your skin a powerful “extra” hydrating and antioxidant edge.

Protects: Supporting the normal acid mantle of the skin

The mildly acidic pH of your skin is called the “acid mantle” and helps protect skin against harmful bacteria and viruses, while supporting a healthy skin microbiome. Many skin care products – soaps, detergents and moisturizers – damage this pH and can leave skin dry and vulnerable. However, BioEsse® is specifically formulated to gently support your natural skin pH with a pH-correct, soothing “Second Barrier.”


Promotes A Balanced Human Microbiome Supporting Healthy Skin

All BioEsse® Products Contain Our Patented Probiomic® Formula Developed With Probiotic Essence Derived From Pristine Skin Microbiome With A Full Spectrum Of Beneficial Organisms. The End Result Is A Skin Product That Nurtures & Supports The Health And Development Of Your Own Skin Microbiome And Improves Skin Appearance In As Little As 2 Weeks.    [Learn More]

All BioEsse® Products Are Allergist-Tested And Formulated Without:

  • No Parabens, Phthalates or Sulphates
  • No MEA, TEA, DEA
  • Gluten Free
  • No PEGs
  • No Petroleum Products
  • No Artificial Dyes
  • No Artificial Fragrances
  • No Animal Testing

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Created By Doctors

The BioEsse® Probiomic® Skin Care Line Was Developed By Innovative Doctors
Leading the Way In Microbiome Research And Development.

Dr. Nicholas Monsul, MD, FACS

Dr. Eva Berkes, MD, FAAAI

Doctors Nicholas Monsul
and Eve Berkes of Quorum
Innovations currently have
14 patents for breakthroughs
discovered by studying the
human microbiome.

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Customer Reviews


BioEsse was recommended to me by Dr. Isa Velez to treat skin irritation and redness. Tried a sample and it illuminated the redness and my skin feels soft and smooth. Best lotion I have ever used.


BioEsse is a wonderful skin care line that has made my complexion more even and healthy-looking. My pores have been minimized and the delicate skin around my eyes looks more resilient and bright. The entire line is incredibly light and non-greasy, helping to combat shininess throughout the day. I particularly like the cleanser; it is mild yet effective and doesn’t overdry delicate facial skin.


I particularly like the BioEsse Probiotics facial lotion and the facial serum. Results are evident as two friends(a man and a woman) recently asked me what product I have been using on my face and where could they purchase the products?


I was happy to find a facial lotion that I could apply make-up on without a problem. I've seen the results of some other people that are using it and if I get half of the positive effects I will be thrilled! I also bought the cleanser and love it. It only takes a very small amount to wash my face, neck and chest area and my skin feels great!


Great product! My face has been beat up due to shaving and I have dry skin. The BioEsse Probiotics Facial Lotion rejuvenates my skin and keeps it smooth all day, not to mention all the probiotics benefits. Both my wife and I are enjoying it.


Love the BioEsse products. I had ordered the facial cleanser first, Loved it. Added the lotion & Loved that. Then realized that I was probably not giving myself the full treatment if I was using other products simultaneously... on eyes.. at nighttime... I now have the complete set and my skin feels loved all the time. I didn't have specific concerns to address, just want to use gentle products that would also be beneficial to good skin health. Noticeable difference in my pores,fine lines, and in general a smoother complexion. I feel less need to cover up with make up. Can't wait to see what's in store next...! If you are considering a product- treat yourself to the full set, to discover the true benefits of this probiotic skin treatment.

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