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Anti-Aging Success Stories

Since human beings have been aware of time, we have been aware of the fleeting nature of youth and the growing signs of aging that each and every one of us go through.  

Aging is an inevitable part of life, however taking extra care of ourselves by maintaining the health of the skin can help us feel as wonderful on the outside as we do on the inside. BioEsse Probiotic Skin Care is a revolutionary anti-aging system that is scientifically proven to balance, smooth, brighten, strengthen and protect the skin against environmental damage and the signs of aging. 

BioEsse provides one of the world’s best facial cleansers whose active ingredient is Qi Probiomics; a patent-pending probiotic derived from the human microbiome itself. When used with the renewing facial lotion, the regenerative eye cream and the rejuvenating face serum, results in the improvement of skin are reported after a period of as little as two weeks. 

Here are some anti aging success stories from some of our loyal clients who use BioEsse Probiotics: 


“I just turned 50 and started using this product. I have always believed in using natural products. Within two weeks I noticed reduced lines around my eyes and reduced pores. I have already referred this product to many friends and family. This is a must try product! 

Constantina needed help with the laugh lines around her eyes and her enlarged pores. Within a short period of time using the BioEsse anti-aging regime, she noticed improvements in these key areas. 


At first, I was somewhat skeptical regarding the product line but I trusted Dr. Monsul, BioEsse Co-founder, and his suggestion that I try BioEsse. My husband, and others, noticed the improvement (after about two weeks) even before I did. I use all four products every day and particularly favor the cleanser and serum. The eye cream and daily lotion also seem quite effective. 

Nothing feels better than the kind words of our husbands, lovers and family who notice the signs of time being reversed. By using the entire BioEsse Probiotic skincare system, Debra was able to achieve results in less than 14 days. 


I’ve been using the Serum for quite some time now and I can't sing praises enough for this wonderful product. The corners of my eyelids have lifted significantly and have become soft and supple. Applying it right up to my lashline has, I believe, reduced my dry eyes to some degree. I also love the face wash, and using it with a konjac sponge is a refreshing solution to dead skin cell removal in the morning. Lovely products, and there is not another line created to assist the biofilm of the skin - it is truly unique and completely innovative. Thank you, Dr. Berkes for your tireless research! 

Leslie’s target area were her hooded eyes – a beautiful feature that can sometimes begin to droop and make us look tired as we age. After using the BioEsse facial serum, Leslie’s eye area improved in the texture and firmness. 


If you are ready to be an anti-aging success story, visit our products page to learn more about how BioEsse can improve your skin today.

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