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How BioEsse Probiotic Skin Care products are made

BioEsse’s premium line of probiotic skin care solutions is crafted with the utmost care and precision in our facility at Quorum Innovations in Sarasota, Florida. By combining breakthrough technology, the latest in science and research with the captivating aromas of jasmine, frankincense and lavender, BioEsse is a revolutionary anti-aging solution for women and men who want healthy, beautiful skin. 

One of the first things you see when you meet someone is their smile – you may also notice the lines around their eyes and the health of their complexionBioEsse is specially formulated to revitalize the skin in all of these areas.  

In the laboratory, our scientists Dr. Eva Berkes and her husband Dr. Nick Monsul cultivate the magical strain of bacteria known to inhabit the human body. The proteins are then extracted in a centrifuge and are sterilized, capturing the purest essence possible. Different concentrations of the active ingredient, Qi Probiomics, are made and are formulated into the calming biotherapeutic serums, facial lotions and cleansers that BioEsse is known for. These active ingredients are scientifically proven to minimize the appearance of smile lines, skin irritations, discoloration and an abundance of other conditions of the skin. After as little as two weeks, participants in a study noted an improvement in their skin’s natural glow. 

With their innovative probiotic technology, Quorum Innovations has been able to successfully capture the most natural, bio-identical probiotic for the skin. While other products obtain their probiotic ingredients from the soil, animals, or plants - these probiotics are foreign to the human body, and therefore do not truly provide any benefits. 

This special formulation of Qi Probiomics is blended with vitamin-rich biotherapeutics, and isscented with the essential oils of jasmine, lavender and frankincense for a luxurious experience By unlocking the secret, BioEsse replenishes the skin with the natural defense and immune-supporting bacteria that are meant to live on our skin and in our bodies. It just makes sense. 

To learn more about the complete BioEsse Probiotic anti-aging skincare system, visit this page.

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