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The Damages of Pollution on Your Skin

As you might already know, healthy skin starts from the inside out. The combination of a good diet, ample sleep and frequent water drinking is almost a sure-fire way of keeping your skin – and the rest of your body, for that matter – in healthy shape.

With the recent spike of pollution, however, damage to our skin often happens from the outside in. Pollution doesn’t just sit on the surface of our skin and do outside damage, either. Microscopic particles work their way into the deeper layers of our skin, causing problems like inflammation and dehydration. Over time, pollution in your skin can cause even worse side effects like loss of elasticity and firmness. These issues especially exist in women over 40.

Fortunately, damage brought on by pollution can be both prevented and rejuvenated with proper skincare. Each of our products at BioEsse contains essence of the human microbiome, which builds up the cells that are damaged when polluted. These are more than just skincare products – these are weapons of defense against skin damage and disease. Our experts recommend looking out for your skin with these three simple steps:


Our facial cleanser is 100% natural and recommended by medical professionals. It is sulfate-free and infused with gentle touches of lavender and spearmint to give the surface of your skin a refreshing treatment. This facial cleanser balances your microbes and clears away harmful substances like pollution.


BioEsse Probiotics is set apart from the rest because of one key ingredient used in our products: Qi ProBiomics. This probiotic ingredient is naturally derived from the human microbiome. Qi ProBiomics gives back to our skin by nurturing our friendly microbes, combatting the effects of pollution on our skin. Try our revitalizing facial serum neutralize the effects of pollution.


After cleansing and neutralizing your skin, don’t forget to arm it with the protection it needs to face the world again. We recommend applying a light layer of facial lotion to ensure moisture and reverse skin damages from pollution like redness, dullness, sagging and more. As an extra measure of protection, you can apply a light layer of sunscreen to your face to protect it from harsh UV rays.

By bringing in all-natural ingredients, vitamins and probiotics for your body, you can reverse the damages caused by pollution and give yourself healthier skin. To learn more about BioEsse Probiotics and what it can do for your skin, click to learn more!

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