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The Link Between Probiotics and Allergy Relief

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The Link Between Probiotics and Allergy Relief

It’s no secret that allergy season is in full swing, and this time of year is brutal for allergy sufferers.  The scratchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose…sometimes it feels like there’s no medicine strong enough to tackle the symptoms!  But a recent University of Florida study discovered that there might be a connection between probiotics and allergy symptom relief! 

Research has already shown that probiotics promote digestive health and stimulate the immune system, but scientists also suspect that they increase “the human body’s percentage of regulatory T-cells, which in turn might increase tolerance to hay fever symptoms.” So UF tested 137 individuals to find out if a probiotic combination of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, when taken during allergy season, would minimize common allergy symptoms.  Part of the group took the probiotic and the others took a placebo and tracked their results over an eight-week period.  The study showed a “clinical benefit for those with more mild seasonal allergies” and revealed that participants taking the probiotic suffered less symptoms than the placebo group.  (

So add allergy relief to the already growing list of probiotic health benefits.  And when you’re ready to apply this same science to skin care, give BioEsse a try! 

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