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Bioesse Probiotics Skin Care Line

Only Probiotic Skin Care Line Made From Human Microbiome

[January 5, 2016 – Sarasota, Florida]

Daily exposures as common as stress, diet, and the environment can affect skin aging, possibly by affecting billions of health-promoting bacteria that normally live on our skin, called the skin microbiome. Additional research shows that maintaining a well-balanced skin microbiome with a daily dose of topical probiotics applied to the skin may be just as important as oral probiotics for a healthy GI tract.

How do skin probiotics work? The tiny molecular messages packaged into probiotics fit skin cells like a lock-and-key, and send skin-balancing messages to help the skin to look younger, improve its hydration, and stimulate the skin immune system. However, if the right amount and type of these tiny bacterial signals are not present, an out-of-balance skin microbiome can result. Research shows that an imbalanced skin microbiome is associated with, and may even promote, skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and rosacea, as well as skin aging. Common skin exposure such as soaps, environmental toxins and irritants, and even many skin care products can damage the skin microbiome. For these reasons, skin with its billions of bacterial friends deserves daily probiotic support, just like your GI tract.

What does skin on probiotics look like? Well, it depends on the quality of the probiotic. The vast majority of probiotics are taken from animals, food or soil. These probiotics — called xenobiotics — are not native to the human body. BioEsse® Probiotic Essence for the Skin is the only skin care system containing patent-pending, concentrated BellaCell®, a probiotic sourced from the human microbiome, and which therefore naturally belongs on the human body. BellaCell® and the skin care system BioEsse® (facial cleanser, serum, lotion, and eye cream) were discovered and developed at Quorum Innovations (Sarasota, FL).

BioEsse® clinical tests show results in 2 weeks, with improved skin texture, more even complexion and less facial redness, decreased fine lines, wrinkles and pores, improved skin hydration, and frequently, a new-found skin “glow” reported by many BioEsse® consumers. BioEsse® Probiotic Essence for the Skin contains dermatologist-recommended topical probiotics, which promote healthy skin bacteria. The BioEsse® line is an eco-luxe, “green” skin care line, containing only 100% naturally-derived, pure ingredients, minus the heavy, toxic preservatives, chemicals and synthetic ingredients that can damage skin and overall health. BioEsse® is “all about the probiotic technology,” comment Dr. Nicholas Monsul, and Dr. Eva Berkes, clinical physicians and co-founders of Quorum Innovations.

About Bioesse®
Bioesse® is based upon bio-identical probiotic technology clinical skincare powered by the human microbiome. Bioesse® integrates skincare into a Whole Health philosophy. Bioesse® believes in a natural harmony between beauty and health. Its products are 100% organic and 0% toxins. Medicine has gone far afield for cures – the seas, the rain forest, and synthetic chemicals. But the Bioesse® science – the science of the human microbiome – has simply, quietly gone home, to our very origin, the human body – where we may have the best of medicines waiting for us right there, all along. We believe our clients will enjoy experiencing the Bioesse® difference – “Beauty in Balance”. Bioesse® 2068 Hawthorne St. Suite 201 Sarasota, Florida 34239 | | | (941)953-2238.

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