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I take a probiotic for GI tract health.  Do I need a daily probiotic for skin health?

Just like taking probiotics to support healthy intestinal tract bacteria, supporting health-promoting bacteria on the skin is also important.  Our daily lives impact these microbes, called the “skin microbiome”.  Skin care products, medications, polluted air and water, environmental chemicals, and even environmental exposures such as heat, wind and water can undermine the natural harmony between our skin and skin microbiome.  An unusual beauty secret, a healthy skin microbiome is key to good skin health and appearance.  Daily use of the BioEsse® System, the world’s first microbiome skin care system, protects and supports the health- and beauty-promoting skin microbiome.

What can BioEsse® do for me?

BioEsse® gives that special luminosity of healthy skin.  Many BioEsse® users spontaneously say their skin “glows”.  BioEsse® users have had many documented skin improvements, from decreased wrinkles, to fewer visible pores, smoother skin texture and less facial redness.  In a 4-week clinical study of 21 BioEsse® users, 100% reported improved skin texture and smoothness, 94% reported improved overall skin quality and 83% reported less facial redness.  At 8 weeks, 100% noted more even-toned facial complexion, 93% noted more luminous skin, and 87% reported anti-aging effects (younger appearance, firmer facial skin).

How is BioEsse® different from other “probiotic” skin care products?

BioEsse® is the first evidence-based, clinical care system containing a bio-identical probiotic which supports the health of the entire skin eco-system and its microbiome, for youthful-appearing, vibrant, healthy skin.  It is the only probiotic skin care system containing a probiotic derived from the human microbiome (BellaCell®).  We call our probiotic “bio-identical” because it comes from, and is naturally found on, the human body.  This unique characteristic of BellaCell® distinguishes it from other probiotics from foreign sources, such as soil, food or animals.  Because foreign probiotics have not been carried on the human body for countless microbial generations, dirt, cheese and cow bacteria haven’t been “trained” to be inherently good for human health.  BellaCell® has particularly powerful, unique, health and beauty effects for the human body because, simply put, it belongs there.

How does BioEsse® work?

Healthy skin is beautiful skin!  Bio-identical probiotic-powered BioEsse® 5-Point FilaggRenewTM Barrier technology supports skin health by (1) promoting a healthy skin microbiome, (2) supporting a strong skin barrier by promoting healthy skin filaggrin  levels and the skin immune system, (3) replenishing essential skin lipids, (4) supplementing skin Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF), and (5) supporting the normal “acid mantle” of the skin.

What does “bio-identical probiotic” mean?

The active ingredient in BioEsse® is BellaCell®, a purified extract from a probiotic bacterium taken from the healthy human microbiome.  Most other probiotics derive from animals, food, or even the soil.  BellaCell®, however, is native (“bio-identical”) to the human body.  BioEsse® is the only microbiome-derived probiotic developed for skin health and beauty.

How fast does BioEsse® work?

The skin is smoother, softer and more moisturized with 1st use.  Other results such as skin redness and the appearance of facial wrinkles can improve as early as 14 days.  These results and others have been scientifically documented in a 1 month-long cosmetic clinical trial using BioEsse®.

How do I use BioEsse®?

You can use any of the BioEsse® products the way you currently use your facial skincare products.  The facial cleanser, serum, lotion and eye cream can be used once or twice a day, depending on your individual skin needs.

Does BioEsse® contain live bacteria?

No.  This is why we call the active ingredient “probiotic essence for the skin”.  In fact, BioEsse® was named for “biological essence” – because we use a concentrated extract from our unique probiotic, rather than living bacteria.

I exfoliate my skin regularly.  Can I still use BioEsse®?

Yes, you can continue with your regular skin regimen.  BioEsse® may be especially soothing to the skin following exfoliation.  Exfoliated skin is in particular need of skin microbiome and skin barrier support, due to physical micro-abrasions from exfoliation.

Can I use BioEsse® with my other skin care, skin prescription and cosmetic products?

Yes, you may continue to use all your other skin products while using BioEsse®.  Consider it your “protective” first layer – your face isn’t dressed without it!  BioEsse® also helps cosmetics go on more smoothly when used underneath.

Can I use BioEsse® with facial peels or other skin rejuvenation treatments or procedures?

Yes.  However, discuss your specific regime with your physician/aesthetician to ensure he/she is aware.  Their recommendations may vary with your particular skin treatment.

What is the BioEsse® “100% commitment to 0% Toxins”?  

Just as important as what is in BioEsse®, is what is not in BioEsse®.  Because toxins and allergens attack the skin and its immune system, BioEsse® has a “100% commitment to 0% Toxins”.  BioEsse® products contain 0%: parabens, gluten, petroleum products, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, artificial dyes and fragrances, and ethylene oxide and formaldehyde releasers.

Can BioEsse® be used with my sunscreen?

Yes, BioEsse® is compatible with sunscreen.  BioEsse® does not contain sunscreen as the effects on the skin microbiome of sunscreen chemicals is unknown.

Are there products that I shouldn’t use if I am using BioEsse®?

No.  For questions about prescription products for the skin, please ask your physician.

I have been diagnosed with a skin condition.  Can I use BioEsse®?

The BioEsse® Skin Care System has been developed to safely and effectively nurture the health of your skin on a daily basis.  Many studies have shown that a well-balanced

skin microbiome is a critical component of skin health.  However, we suggest checking with your physician or prescribing skin care professional to ensure that BioEsse® can be continued as part of your regular skin care regimen.

Who discovered BioEsse®?  

BioEsse® was discovered and developed by the BioEsse® medical research team in Sarasota, Florida, led by clinical allergist-immunologist Dr. Eva Berkes and plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Monsul.  BioEsse® was designed using scientific skin-care principles applied to the recent ground-breaking discovery of the human microbiome.   Harnessing the power of a healthy skin microbiome, probiotic microbiome science-based BioEsse® is the first skin care system of its kind in the world.

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