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BioEsse® Probiotic Essence for the Skin Promotes a Healthy Skin Microbiome, Skin Immune Function and Skin Barrier

People who look good, appear healthy – the “picture of health”.  Healthy, glowing skin requires a healthy, balanced skin ecosystem, including the skin microbiome.  Often neglected, the trillions of friendly microbes making up our human microbiome function like an “invisible organ” – protecting us against infection, creating vitamins, metabolising our food and helping keep our skin healthy and moisturized.  In fact, a microbiome “out of balance” is associated with common skin ailments like eczema, rosacea and acne.  Despite its importance, there were no clinically-evaluated, scientifically proven skin care products specifically designed to support a healthy skin microbiome.

Until BioEsse®.  The BioEsse® Skin Care System has been uniquely developed to support the whole skin ecosystem, especially its microbiome.  BioEsse® contains a scientifically developed, unique probiotic active ingredient which cannot be found in any other skin care product.  This probiotic extract is developed from a probiotic bacterium normally found in a healthy human microbiome.  This probiotic extract, called BellaCell®, has been demonstrated to be healthy for the skin microbiome in numerous studies performed by the BioEsse® scientific team, as well as outside testing laboratories.

BellaCell® is the “probiotic essence for the skin “ present in all BioEsse® skin care products, and is demonstrated to promote a healthy skin microbiome by encouraging growth of bacteria associated with healthy skin.  For instance, laboratory studies have shown that BellaCell® supports 3 of the skin’s main health-promoting bacteria –Staphylococcus epidermidis, Corynebacterium, and Micrococcus luteus.  S. epidermidis is critical to skin health by producing natural antibiotics and supporting normal skin immunity.  M. luteus supports a healthy skin “acid mantle”.  Corynebacterium helps maintain normal skin metabolism.

In addition to its microbiome benefits, other laboratory studies have shown that BioEsse® supports normal skin barrier function in 2 ways – by supporting healthy skin filaggrin and beta defensin levels.  A vigorous skin immune system requires healthy levels of protective beta defensin in the skin.  The skin protein filaggrin helps reinforce a strong skin barrier at the outermost skin surface.  Decreased filaggrin levels are associated with skin aging, and are associated with skin moisture loss.

BioEsse Cosmetic Clinical Trial: Impressive Visible Improvements

A cosmetic-outcome 4-week trial of BioEsse® in 21 volunteers showed impressive results starting as early as 2 weeks, with improvements continuing at the 4 week point.

Individual improvement at 14 days
Wrinkles up to 60% improvement
Pores up to 25% improvement
Visible spots up to 15% improvement
UV damage up to 15% improvement
Brown spots up to 15% improvement
Redness up to 30% improvement
Skin texture up to 35% improvement

Individual improvement at 28 days
Wrinkles up to 76% improvement
Pores up to 32% improvement
Visible spots up to 50% improvement
UV damage up to 31% improvement
Brown spots up to 12% improvement
Redness up to 52% improvement
Skin texture up to 37% improvement

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