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Our Science & Clinical Results

Anti-Aging Cosmetic Study Design:

A bio-identical probiotic-containing skin regimen (BioEsse BioEssential Hydrating Cleanser, BioEsse BioEssential Rejuvenating Facial Serum, both used 2x/day) was assessed in 21 participants (17 females, 4 males, ages 22-69). Participants had multiple skin concerns (see below); 14 had moderate to advanced photoaging. VISIA Facial Scanner readings were performed at 0, 14 and 28 days and analyzed for visible spots, pores, skin texture, wrinkles, redness, melanin and UV damage. Participant questionnaires were performed at 14, 28 and 60 days.

At 2 weeks, VISIA analysis showed approximately 75% of participants had visible skin improvement, with over 50% of participants improving in all parameters, including fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, pore size and skin texture. By 4 weeks, 100% of participants demonstrated visible improvements in skin appearance by VISIA facial analysis. VISIA at 4 weeks showed reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of up to 76%, with less skin dryness and better skin texture of up to 37%. All participants who self-reported skin redness improved by 2 weeks, with continued reductions in facial redness of up to 52% at 4 weeks, with a 4-week median improvement of 11%, documented by decreased erythema per VISIA. The facial products were well tolerated, including panelists with self-reported sensitive skin.

Study Results: 14 and 28 Day Improvement in Cosmetic Parameters vs Baseline

Individual improvement
at 14 days
Wrinkles up to 60% improvement
Pores up to 25% improvement
Visible spots up to 15% improvement
UV Damage up to 15% improvement
Brown Spots up to 15% improvement
Redness up to 30% improvement
Skin Texture up to 35% improvement
Individual improvement
at 28 days
Wrinkles up to 76% improvment
Pores up to 32% improvement
Visible Spots up to 50% improvement
UV Damage up to 31% improvement
Brown Spots up to 12% improvement
Redness up to 50% improvement
Skin Texture up to 37% improvement

What does BioEsse do?  Real-life results by real people: user survey results

Anonymous Questionnaires at 2, 4 and 8 weeks showed a 92% product approval rating (see graph below). Skin quality and texture improved in 90-95% of users by 2 weeks.

4-week clinical study participant survey of BioEsse system *:

100%: better skin texture & smoothness
94%: improved overall skin quality
83%: less facial redness

In an 8-week clinical study with the BioEsse system**:

100%: more even-toned facial complexion
93%: more luminous skin
87%: anti-aging effects (younger appearance, firmer facial skin)

*4-week clinical study of 21 participants, 17 female, 4 male.
**8-week clinical study of 17 participants, 15 female, 2 male.

Study Participant Questionnaire revealed a 100% positive rating of the importance of a probiotic skin care ingredient as a deciding factor for future skin care product purchase

All subjects felt skin probiotic technology was a deciding factor for future skin-care purchase decisions. Questionnaire analysis showed a 100% end-trial personal conversion from non-consumers of probiotic skin care products, to future consumers of probiotic-containing skin care subjects.

This high rate of consciousness conversion of the skin care consumer initially naïve to the probiotic-for-the-skin concept to a skin care consumer actively seeking out and choosing probiotic skin care is an excellent predictor for repeat product purchase.

BioEsse Skin Care System Clinical Participant Improvement

Bioesse Participant 

Participant after 4  weeks of BioEsse with 76% improvement  in appearance of wrinkle depth and intensity


Bioesse Participant

  Participant after 4 weeks of BioEsse: 62% decrease in eye area wrinkle appearance (marked in green); note also smoother appearance of skin overall)

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