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drberkesbwDear reader,

Please allow me to introduce myself by sharing with you a secret you should know. Did you know most of the cells making up our body are actually bacteria? As a physician specializing in allergies, asthma and immunology, several years ago I began learning about the human microbiome – the trillions of microbes that live in harmony on our bodies surfaces, from our intestines to our skin. Because these friendly microbes have biological activities required for health, it makes good sense for us to care about our microbiomes.

The more I learned about the microbiome, the more convinced I was that its health-promoting power should be accessible in our daily lives. And yet there are very few physician-tested, scientifically-proven products available designed to support microbiome health, with no products specific to the skin microbiome. While microbiome research in general continues to be focused primarily on probiotics and intestinal health, here at Quorum Innovations, we believe the skin microbiome has truly amazing potential, for both health and beauty. With our microbiome probiotic-containing skin care line BioEsse®, we now bring you for the first time, truly microbiome-powered skin care.

By introducing BioEsse® Probiotic Essence for the skin, I hope to reveal to women and their families the secret, and the power, of the skin microbiome. I hope you like the world’s first skin microbiome facial care system. We have labored long and hard to make BioEsse® a natural, elegant, yet effective anti-aging healthy-skin solution. You deserve it. BioEsse® can help keep your skin as strong and beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. From one woman to another, share the secret to skin health and beauty – a healthy skin microbiome – and pass it on.


Eva A. Berkes, MD
Chief Scientific Officer
Quorum Innovations

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