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3 Natural Ways to Protect Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be a chronic issue that millions of Americans suffer with for years of their lives. Sensitive skin can be painful, and uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. Sufferers mention rashes, painful reactions to cosmetics, flaking, acne and other issues as common discomforts they must deal with every day. While the outward appearance of these symptoms can be embarrassing, they can be treated over time with some natural remedies. Here are three natural ways to protect sensitive skin.

Avoid products with chemicals

Read the labels very carefully on any soaps, moisturizers or products you apply directly onto the skin. Not only does the skin absorb the contents of these products, but many anti-bacterial products dry out the skin further, cause cracking where infections can grow, and disturb the natural flora that is designed to protect your skin in the first place.  BioEsse Probiotics can soothe sensitive skin with its facial moisturizer, suitable for all skin types!

Avoid hot water

While it might be tempting to take a hot shower, or soak in the whirlpool after a long stressful day, prolonged exposure to hot water strips the skin of its natural moisture and dries it out – further worsening the symptoms of sensitive skin. Always use lukewarm water when bathing, and wash your face last. It goes without saying that many scrubs and loofahs are unsuitable for sensitive skin – so stay away from anything abrasive that could damage the skin further.

Use a Natural Skin Care System

BioEsse Probiotics is a revolutionary product that inhibits skin damage by boosting the skin’s natural defense barrier: the microflora that exist naturally. BioEsse contains 100% natural ingredients, leaving out parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, petroleum, MEA, TEA, DEA or articifical dyes or fragrances.

After as little as two weeks, our customers have seen visible improvements in the texture and quality of their skin, reducing puffiness, inflammation and sensitivity. Learn more about BioEsse Probiotics and how it can help you.

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