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Stress and Your Microbiome!

  Stress and Your Microbiome! The University of Guelph (U of G), a comprehensive public research university in Guelph, Ontario, Canada recently led the first study of its kind to understand the relationship between stress and the microbiome as published in the journal of Biology Letters. U of G researchers found that red squirrels living in a low-stress environment harbored healthier communities of micro-organisms. Conversely, the greater the stress, when measured in the same squirrels two weeks later, revealed less bacterial diversity which could be an indication of poor health. It’s very possible these findings hold important implications for human health! Just to fill in a few blanks, microbiomes are all of the clusters e.g. communities of micro-organisms thriving in and on...

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Key Benefits for Healthy Skin: #5 Protection for Your Skin

  Key Benefits for Healthy Skin: #5 Protection for Your Skin We hope you have enjoyed our “Key Benefits for Healthy Skin” blog series over the last few weeks. As we’ve shared, there are five key benefits for healthy skin – balance, strengthen, brighten, smooth and protect and the BioEsse Probiotic Skin Care line addresses all of them. We wrap the series today with benefit #5 – the importance of protecting your skin. Since the discovery that exposure to ultraviolet radiation is the leading cause of skin cancer, shielding skin from the damaging rays of the sun is a must. To do that properly, you need to understand the differences between the two types of ultraviolet rays to ensure you’re...

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Key Benefits for Healthy Skin: #4 Smoother Skin

    Key Benefits for Healthy Skin: #4 Smoother Skin You may already know that eating or taking probiotics can improve your internal health, making things work better. But as the doctors, scientists and researchers at Quorum Innovations have discovered, applying their patented probiotic - Qi ProBiomics - directly to the skin produces the same benefits. All of us have good and bad bacteria on our skin, just as we do in our guts.  The good ones are called “probiotics” and when there is an imbalance between the two, acne or rosacea can occur as well as opening the door to letting impurities in, including disease. Importantly, the right balance can also make skin look smoother which ultimately means younger-looking...

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Key Benefits for Healthy Skin: #3 Brighten Your Skin

  Key Benefits for Healthy Skin: #3 Brighten Your Skin The real beauty “secret” to glowing skin may, in fact, lie in a healthy skin microbiome. If you’ve been following our blogs, you know that the skin microbiome is the name for the trillions of health-promoting bacteria on your skin.  These microbes protect us from diseases and environmental toxins, produce vitamins and other nutrients, and regulate our immune system.  We are learning that healthy, glowing skin requires a healthy skin microbiome.  And at BioEsse, we have thoughtfully created our products with this in mind.  BioEsse is specifically designed to support optimal skin microbiome balance with our patented probiotic extract (Qi) and to replenish lost skin lipids with our 5-Omega Blend....

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Key Benefits for Healthy Skin: #2 Stronger Skin

  Key Benefits for Healthy Skin: #2 Stronger Skin It’s generally known that probiotics are good for our digestive systems. Just in case you don’t know, probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts, and our bodies are full of them – both good and bad. Probiotics are often called the "good" or "helpful" ones because they keep the gut healthy. Probiotics to strengthen the skin, however, are not so well known. Skin is the first line of defense against disease. It’s also constantly exposed to the elements like cold harsh winters and the damaging rays of the sun, not to mention pollution and toxins floating around in the air. Bottom line, healthy skin is critical and reflects our overall health. As such, keeping it strong is just...

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