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Anti-Aging and Probiotics

probiotics_anti_agingYou may have heard about all the benefits of probiotics in health and lifestyle magazines, and for good reason. Probiotics are active bacteria and yeasts that promote healthy bodily functions - functions that are necessary for life such as regulating our metabolism and digestion, nutrient absorption and more.

We usually think of bacteria as something that causes illness and disease, but your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called "good" or "helpful" bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy. In short, without them, we would cease to exist rather quickly. Having an imbalance of healthy gut bacteria has been linked to a series of chronic diseases, both physical and emotional, that can lead to a life of decreased quality.

Research has discovered that not only are probiotics beneficial to our internal health, but can be used topically to prevent the aging of skin cells by helping to protect and rebuild collagen. The bacteria that live on our skin performs vital functions too, ones we often overlook in our attempts to be “clean”. The flora that occurs on our skin forms a protective barrier that fight the bad bacteria that makes us sick, and when we use harsh antibacterial soaps, we remove the good bacteria, too.

BioEsse Probiotics is a revolutionary skin care system that contains a scientifically developed probiotic ingredient that supports the balance of healthy bacteria on our skin the way nature intended. This probiotic extract, known as Qi ProBiomics, is a patented, unique ingredient that cannot be found in any other skin care product.

BioEsse can be used to help with some of the most common skin complaints. The probiotic eye cream reduces under-eye puffiness and helps to clear the skin of under eye circles. The face serum works to smooth, brighten and refresh the complexion, and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The facial lotion moisturizes the skin and leaves it more supple and youthful. The revitalizing facial cleanser safely and gently cleanses the skin without drying it out and without removing the beneficial bacteria that protects us. Click here to learn more about the dermatologist-recommended skin care routine by BioEsse Probiotics.

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