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Benefits of Using a Konjac Sponge


If you haven’t already heard of a konjac sponge, you are in for a real treat.

Derived from a plant that is native to Asia, the konjac sponge is an all-natural and exotic approach to skincare. The Japanese have used the konjac plant for nearly 1,500 years as a healthy dietary supplement or cooking ingredient. Over time, external uses for the konjac plant developed.

The konjac plant was formed into a sponge and used for infants and young children for approximately 500 years. If something is soft enough to be used on babies then you can bet it is gentle enough for your skin, too.

Many people turn to rough chemicals to exfoliate and cleanse their skin, but at BioEsse Probiotics, we know you deserve better than that. We highly recommend using konjac sponges in tandem with our nourishing cleanser, and here are a few reasons why:

They are earth-friendly  

We have a Clean & Green Commitment at BioEsse Probiotics and strive to bring balance to our world’s ecosystem through our Earth-friendly products and packaging. 

Rather than using manufactured facial wipes or other products that will just occupy a landfill, give the konjac sponge a try. After approximately a month of use, you will be able to throw the sponge away guilt-free to make room for a fresh one. Konjac sponges are 100% natural and biodegradable, which is a big win for the environment.

They are both tough and gentle

Konjac sponges are simultaneously able to scrub away dry skin imperfections and gently exfoliate the skin’s surface. This sponge is good for all skin types and is not as harsh as a loofah, so anyone can safely use it – men, women, and even infants! 

They work well with facial cleansers

While you can use the konjac sponge with just warm water, experts recommend pairing its use with a trusted facial cleanser. Our BioEsse Probiotics facial cleanser along with a konjac sponge will help rejuvenate your skin and replenish moisture lost throughout the day. Konjac sponges have neutral pH levels, so they help bring balance to your skin’s pH, too.

Your skin goes through a lot on a day-to-day basis. At BioEsse Probiotics, we believe it deserves the best. Consider adding a konjac sponge to your own personal skincare and try our hydrating facial cleanser with it today!

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