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How Probiotics Protect your Skin from Damage

A few years ago, probiotics started becoming a buzzword in fitness, health and lifestyle circles. Many began to talk about the myriad of benefits that probiotics, or different types of bacterial cultures, have on human health. You may have heard about how the yogurt industry was one of the first to popularize this
and began promoting probiotics in their yogurt products as an important part of our daily diet. BioEsse Probiotic Skin Care is scientifically proven to improve the health and appearance of skin and to restore the healthy glow on our faces by restoring the probiotic balance. 

Despite its popularity, the science behind the health benefits of probiotics is actually very deep, and goes back a few decades. Researchers have discovered that probiotics are profoundly impactful on the immune system of the skin. Here’s how probiotics can protect your skin from damage and the signs of aging. 

Our healthy gut bacteria 

Did you know that you have approximately 5 pounds of happy, friendly microbes living in and on us? Without these friendly microbial communities – the human microbiome– we would cease to exist. We depend on them for a variety of functions such as digestion, absorbing vitamins and minerals, and even producing serotonin, an important hormone that regulates our mood. 

Some of our “hygienic” practices, such as using antibacterial soaps, and eating preservative-filled processed food, have offset the natural balance we need to have a healthy microbiome. 

Probiotics and your Skin 

Just like the small intestine, our skin is covered in millions of microbes that protect us from harm. Friendly bacteria work to fight other “bad” bacteria that can often make us sick. In fact, these beneficial microbes have a lot more to do with our immune system than you might think – they ward off infection, rebuild the skin and protect it from pollutants in our environment. 

BioEsse has unlocked nature’s very own protective defense by capturing the most natural defense system in the form of Qi Probiomics: the world’s first and only bio-identical probiotic for the skin. Just as nature intended, the BioEsse anti aging face serum, facial lotion, eye cream and probiotic facial cleaner provide five key benefits: strengthen, protect, smooth, brighten and balance the skin.  

BioEsse is a revolutionary anti-aging skincare system that uses the technology of Qi Probiomics to hydrate, rejuvenate, regenerate, renew and protect the skin from the signs of aging. Learn more about our products on our website,

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