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Probiotics for the Skin…as Natural and Essential as Water


Most people generally know drinking water is a good thing for the body. Its biggest job is to circulate nutrients - when we are dehydrated, things just do not work as well.  Water also makes us less cranky – yes, dehydration can cause headaches and/or affect your mood.  Other benefits for the body include better athletic performance since water composes 75% of muscle tissue, it’s a natural appetite suppressant and helps us have less joint pain by keeping cartilage soft and hydrated. What people may not be aware of though is that drinking water also hydrates the skin and keeps it healthy. Skin being the largest organ in our bodies is an indicator of our overall health and wellbeing and relies on water consumption for its color and texture not to mention building new cells properly. Just like the air we breathe, drinking plenty of water is essential! Drink at least half your body weight in ounces every day and eat raw fruits and vegetables dense in water, too.

Probiotics on the other hand are live bacteria that are beneficial to internal health, especially our digestive systems. Everyone’s bodies are full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often referred to as the "good ones” because they help keep the gut healthy. But that’s not all probiotics do – just like water, we need them to keep our skin healthy, too. Probiotics aid in wrinkle prevention and slowing down the signs of aging, they strengthen skin barriers by keeping pathogens and other toxins like free radicals out and help protect skin against damaging UV rays. And they are naturally moisturizing just to name a few of the key benefits. BioEsse Probiotic Skin Care is an easy delivery system to make sure your skin gets the nourishment it needs. BioEsse was developed by doctors, is 100% natural and contains the only human probiotic of its kind. What’s more, it’s been scientifically proven to shield the skin against damage and revitalize at the same time.
Easy tips to remember – use BioEsse every morning and evening to feed and protect your skin and carry a bottle of water with you making drinking lots of water part of your daily routine. And to learn more about the full line of BioEsse Probiotic Skin Care products – BioEsse Probiotic Facial Cleanser, BioEsse Probiotic Facial Serum, BioEsse Probiotic Facial Lotion and BioEsse Probiotic Eye Cream go to  Once you’ve tried BioEsse, we’d love to hear from you. Please post a review on our website or on our Facebook page. Healthy skin is beautiful skin!


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