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Three things you’ll notice immediately after taking probiotics

Even those of us who live out the most cautious of lifestyles can fail to realize that their body is not in balance or lacks certain nutrients. Unfortunately, how cleanliness has been portrayed, especially with regards to women’s beauty and hygiene, has been skewed in favor of big companies that create products that don’t always benefit our health. In fact, some products that we have used for years contain chemicals and other ingredients that can cause illness and discomfort.

Fortunately, the FDA has been enforcing stricter regulations that put the consumer’s interest and health concerns first. While there is so much still to learn about how we can treat our bodies to the healthiest lifestyle ever, breakthroughs in probiotic science have discovered a myriad of health benefits when we take them. Here are three things you’ll notice right away after taking probiotics.

Better digestion and less upset stomach

Eating foods rich in various strains of probiotics are purported to help with several digestive discomforts including gas, bloating, and even some chronic conditions such as Crohn’s Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. That’s because foods such as pickles, yogurt and sauerkraut can increase the number of beneficial bacteria living in your intestinal tract.

Natural way to lower blood pressure

A study conducted by the American Heart Association revealed that daily doses of certain strains of probiotics can reduce not only bad cholesterol, but can help lower blood pressure. Known as Lactobacillus reuteri, a probiotic found in dairy and meat products, reduced bad cholesterol in users by nearly 12%.

Beautiful, more luminous skin

More research has been done in the world of the human microbiome that suggest a deep relationship with probiotics and skin health. Just like we have beneficial bacteria in our bodies, we have beneficial bacteria on our skin that wards off infection, pathogens and other disease-causing organisms.

BioEsse Probiotics is a scientifically proven, 100% natural skin care system that contains a probiotic that shields the skin against damage and revitalizes it at the same time. Try it today and unlock the power of nature and protect the skin you’re in.

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