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How sleep affects your microbiome


We’ve known for a long time that there is a deep connection between sleep and our health. Having a full night’s rest can work wonders for our sense of well-being, our physical and cognitive abilities, our appetite and more. In the same vein, not having a full night’s sleep can wreak havoc on our performance at work, our relationships with our friends and families and our tiredness shows almost immediately in our faces. Being sleep deprived long term has been associated with a long list of health conditions.

More recently, scientists begun to unlock the relationship between sleep and our gut health – a very important part of the immune system that protects us against illness and disease. Having poor gut health is linked to several chronic inflammatory diseases, allergies, skin conditions and even depression. But what's the connection between gut health and sleep?

What is the human microbiome?

The human microbiome, sometimes referred to as our "invisible organ," is a complex system of bacteria and microbes that live inside our bodies and on our skin. While it seems unhealthy to imagine that our bodies are teeming with bacteria (outnumbering our own cells even!) it's actually critical to human health and human life to ensure that these beneficial bacteria live because they combat disease and harmful bacteria that can make us sick.

The microbiome-sleep connection

Scientists have known for many years that when we sleep, it is a critical time when our bodies remove built up toxins and remove them from our system. More recently, it has been revealed that disruptions in our sleep, or a lack of deep sleep, has been shown to negatively impact the health of our gut bacteria. From there, a chain reaction is set in place – our gut bacteria produce so many hormones that regulate our mood and all other bodily functions that are necessary for healthy life. It's no wonder that lack of sleep is tied to so many health issues when it effects the microbiome so heavily.

A healthy microbiome means healthy skin

Many people afflicted with skin disorders such as acne, rosacea and other inflammatory conditions of the skin are found to have an imbalance of healthy bacteria in their gut and also on their skin. Many skin creams and soaps actually contain chemicals that kill healthy bacteria to the point where it has stripped the skin of its natural barrier. That's where BioEsse Probiotics can help. BioEsse Probiotics is a revolutionary skin care system that contains the essence of the human microbiome to rejuvenate, repair and moisturize the skin using the same natural ingredients found in nature.

Toxin free, 100% natural and scientifically proven, BioEsse Probiotics can help restore even the most damaged skin and protect it against physical damage and the appearance of aging. To learn more, click here.

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