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How To Keep Your Skin Microbiome Healthy

Your skin microbiome is a complex, yet completely natural community of microbes and friendly bacteria that host a variety of benefits to your health. While it might sound unhygienic to have millions of bacteria on the surface of your skin, the truth is that these beneficial microorganisms are what help us prevent illness, by keeping other bad bacteria, or pathogens, at bay. So how to do keep your skin, and your skin microbiome healthy? Here are a few simple tips to ensure balance the way nature intended.

Antibacterial skin care products

While antibacterial hand soaps and gels might seem like a blessing in disguise, they often can have more negative effects than positive on your skin’s microbiome health. While it’s important to wash your hands when in public places to prevent illnesses from spreading, many anti bacterial soaps and lotions wipe out all the beneficial bacteria we have on our hands too. Not only that, but they can dry and crack your skin, leaving more surface area for potentially pathogenic bacteria to thrive.

Stay hydrated

Research has shown that what you put in your mouth influences not only your general health, but your skin microbiome as well. Drink lots of water daily and be sure to eat good fats, organic produce whenever possible, and keep excess sugar out of your diet.

Listen to your gut

Most of the human microbiome resides in the gut – about 3 pounds of it! Our gut bacteria is responsible for a number of critical functions including regulating our immune system, digesting food, synthesizing vitamins, and producing serotonin, amongst a few. Take an oral probiotic, eat fermented foods and don’t overlook the deliciousness of kefir!

Use a Probiotic Skin Care System

While you may think that leading an anti-bacterial life would be protective of your health, researchers are discovering that excess cleanliness leads to antibiotic resistance, and on your skin could result in allergies, skin inflammation and poor pigmentation, fungal infections and redness. Using a probiotic skin care system like BioEsse Probiotics can greatly improve the quality, texture and health of your skin microbiome in as little as two weeks. The probiotic system is the world’s first and only system that uses Qi Probiomics – a probiotic derived from the human microbiome itself. To learn more, visit

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