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Sometimes you should sweat the small stuff: How sweating benefits your skin

When we think about sweating, we tend to think about exercising, withstanding warm temperatures or even a bodily response to nerves, but a natural form of skincare? That one is much less common.

However, little do people know you can actually benefit your skin by “sweating it out” on a semi-regular basis. Along with a proper skincare regimen, working up a sweat can help rejuvenate your skin.

Sweat works better than a detox

Sweating is the most affordable skin detox you can find. It opens up pores, flushing them out and allowing the body to release toxins.

While this is good for removing the buildup that naturally occurs within pores, it is important to finish the job and wash off your face after working up the sweat. You don’t want the removed toxins to settle on the surface of your skin and ultimately cause breakouts.

Sweat helps cleanse the skin’s surface

On a day-to-day basis, the surface of the skin gets bombarded with outside substances. Pollution, the environment and even bacteria can put our health at risk by working their way through our skin.

By allowing your body to sweat out its inner toxins, you are also working to get rid of the outside toxins, too. Sweat contains a natural antimicrobial called dermcidin, which aids in killing bacteria – just remember to wash it all away!

Sweat boosts overall health

Did you know that sweating has been linked to reducing the risk of kidney stones?

Through good hydration paired with frequent exercise, your body is able to release excess salt and calcium through your pores before it reaches your kidneys. This lowers the risk of getting kidney stones and helps keep your system clean.

Treat your skin right – don’t just give it what it needs. “Sweat it out” to release what it doesn’t! After that, we suggest washing your face with warm water and topping it off with our doctor-recommended facial cleanser.


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