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The Trouble with Antibiotics

Getting rid of bacteria in your body seems like a no-brainer, right? Wrong. Today there is a widespread abuse of antibiotics that is actually putting people at risk for health problems and immune deficiencies. Studies show a link between the use of antibiotics and developmental inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). While this does not necessarily suggest the IBD is a direct effect of antibiotic use, it still proves that the two are associated. The antibiotics you ingest aren’t the only problems for your immunities. Anti-bacterial wipes, soaps and hand sanitizers are culprits, too. Over-using antibiotics, antibacterial soaps and more is actually harmful to the human body. Microbes – microorganisms that are often bacteria – are not always bad for you. In...

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Find Your Balance:
Benefits of probiotics while taking antibiotics

Our bodies are full of bacteria – often good, but sometimes not so good.  In certain cases of illnesses, antibiotics are administered to kill off the bad bacteria. Consequently, good bacteria also take a hit and are broken down by the antibiotics. For those of you who care about caring for your microbes, there is a natural way to accomplish restoring balance to your body. Where there is an antibiotic, there is a probiotic that can help balance it! Research shows that it’s wise to supplement the use of antibiotics with probiotics in order to replenish good bacteria and keep antibiotic side effects at bay. Here’s how you can help bring balance to your body: Eat some yogurt! Yogurt lovers,...

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