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Key Benefits for Healthy Skin: #1 Balanced Skin

  Key Benefits for Healthy Skin: #1 Balanced Skin Just like taking probiotics to support trillions of healthy intestinal bacteria, supporting health-promoting bacteria on the skin is also important.  These microbes are called the skin microbiome, and they support efficient skin healing, skin immunity, and skin rejuvenation. Maintaining a healthy skin microbiome may be the best-kept beauty secret to date.  A powerful yet neglected anti-aging tool, a balanced skin microbiome is an essential partner for healthy, glowing skin.  This brings us to the first benefit of BioEsse®:  balanced skin.  Skin is our largest and most external body organ, constantly interacting with the environment.  Harsh skin care products, modern processed diets, polluted air and water, and environmental chemicals threaten and distort...

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