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Key Benefits for Healthy Skin: #2 Stronger Skin

  Key Benefits for Healthy Skin: #2 Stronger Skin It’s generally known that probiotics are good for our digestive systems. Just in case you don’t know, probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts, and our bodies are full of them – both good and bad. Probiotics are often called the "good" or "helpful" ones because they keep the gut healthy. Probiotics to strengthen the skin, however, are not so well known. Skin is the first line of defense against disease. It’s also constantly exposed to the elements like cold harsh winters and the damaging rays of the sun, not to mention pollution and toxins floating around in the air. Bottom line, healthy skin is critical and reflects our overall health. As such, keeping it strong is just...

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Key Benefits for Healthy Skin: #1 Balanced Skin

  Key Benefits for Healthy Skin: #1 Balanced Skin Just like taking probiotics to support trillions of healthy intestinal bacteria, supporting health-promoting bacteria on the skin is also important.  These microbes are called the skin microbiome, and they support efficient skin healing, skin immunity, and skin rejuvenation. Maintaining a healthy skin microbiome may be the best-kept beauty secret to date.  A powerful yet neglected anti-aging tool, a balanced skin microbiome is an essential partner for healthy, glowing skin.  This brings us to the first benefit of BioEsse®:  balanced skin.  Skin is our largest and most external body organ, constantly interacting with the environment.  Harsh skin care products, modern processed diets, polluted air and water, and environmental chemicals threaten and distort...

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Probiotics for the Skin…as Natural and Essential as Water

  Most people generally know drinking water is a good thing for the body. Its biggest job is to circulate nutrients - when we are dehydrated, things just do not work as well.  Water also makes us less cranky – yes, dehydration can cause headaches and/or affect your mood.  Other benefits for the body include better athletic performance since water composes 75% of muscle tissue, it’s a natural appetite suppressant and helps us have less joint pain by keeping cartilage soft and hydrated. What people may not be aware of though is that drinking water also hydrates the skin and keeps it healthy. Skin being the largest organ in our bodies is an indicator of our overall health and wellbeing and relies...

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Make Healthy, Glowing Skin Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s February, which means that some of us have already ditched the New Year’s Resolutions we made last month.  But don’t beat yourself up…2017 has just begun, and it is never too late to make skin health a priority.  This is your year for healthy, glowing skin!  And since our skin is our body’s largest organ, let’s resolve to take better care of it in 2017. The key to making resolutions stick is by starting small and setting goals that are attainable and realistic.  Committing to a BioEsse skin care routine is not daunting – it’s doable!  At BioEsse we’ve made it easy - we’ve packed 4 products full of our patented probiotic extract, so with each application you’re giving your...

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5 Myths about Probiotics

Bacteria often get a bad rep in the health world. Not all bacteria are bad, however. Many don’t realize that good bacteria exist in our body and should be promoted, not repressed or killed. One way to support good bacteria is through probiotics, which come in an array of forms. There are common misconceptions surrounding probiotics. Here are five de-bunked myths about them: Myth #1: Avoid microbes at all cost Wrong! There is a stigma surrounding microbes, a type of bacterial microorganism found in each and every one of us. That’s right, our bodies contain millions of microbes, 99% of which are beneficial to our health. By taking probiotics, you are actually supporting your microbes, your body’s healthy bacteria. Click...

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